Privacy Policy


THE COMPANY collects information the WAZUPA Services and through other interactions and communications you have with THE COMPANY. The private information required for executing the orders placed on the WAZUPA Services will be kept in the strictest confidence by THE COMPANY and not sold or made known to third parties.

Scope and Application

This Privacy Policy (“Policy") applies to you (“Users”) who utilises WAZUPA Services to request the Merchant’s Products on THE COMPANY’s technology platform.

Information You Provide to Us

THE COMPANY collects information you provide directly to THE COMPANY, such as when you create or modify your account, request on-demand services, contact customer support, or otherwise communicate with us. This information may include but not be limited to: name, surname, email, phone number, home address, profile picture, credit card information, items requested (for delivery services), delivery notes, and other information you choose to provide.
Information THE COMPANY Collects:

  • When you use WAZUPA Services, THE COMPANY collect information about you in the following categories:
    Location: When you use the WAZUPA Services for delivery, THE COMPANY collect precise location address for the delivery from the WAZUPA Services used by you, the User. If you permit WAZUPA Services, THE COMPANY may also collect the precise location of your device when the app is running in the foreground or background. WAZUPA Services may also derive your approximate location from your IP address.

  • Transaction: THE COMPANY collects transaction details related to your use of our WAZUPA Services, including but not limited to the type of service requested, date and time the service was to be provided, the amount charged, delivery or collection (if applicable), and other related transaction details. Additionally, if someone uses your Profile username and password, THE COMPANY will associate you with the person with that Profile username and password.

  • Usage and Preference: THE COMPANY collects information about how you interact with our WAZUPA Services, preferences expressed, and settings chosen. In some cases THE COMPANY does this through Cookie Policy set out hereunder, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers.

  • Device: THE COMPANY may collect information about your mobile device, including but not limited to the hardware model, operating system and version, software and file names and versions, preferred language, unique device identifier, advertising identifiers, serial number, device motion information and mobile network information.

  • Call and SMS Data: WAZUPA Services facilitates communications between Users and Merchants. In connection with facilitating WAZUPA Services, THE COMPANY receive call data, including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the parties’ phone numbers, and the content of the SMS message.

  • Log: When you interact with WAZUPA Services, THE COMPANY may collect server logs, which may include information like device IP address, access dates and times, app features or pages viewed, app crashes and other system activity, type of browser, and the third-party site or service you were using before interacting with WAZUPA Services.

Important Information 

Most web platforms have set out certain types of device data that websites cannot access without your consent. These web platforms have different permission systems for obtaining your consent. These platforms will alert you the first time the website wants permission to access certain types of data and will let you consent (or not consent) to that request.. Sometimes these permissions require more explanation than the platforms themselves provide, and the permissions THE COMPANY request will change over time.

 THE COMPANY Collects from Other Sources

THE COMPANY may also receive information from other sources and combine that with information THE COMPANY collects through WAZUPA Services. For example: 
If you choose to link, create, or log in to your account with a payment provider (e.g., Google Wallet) or social media service (e.g., Facebook), or if you engage with a separate website or website that uses THE COMPANY’S API (or whose API THE COMPANY use), THE COMPANY may receive information about you or your connections from that third party site or website. 

Use of Information

THE COMPANY may use the information THE COMPANY collects about you to:

  • Inform you of facts or matters relating to your access and use of WAZUPA Services;
  • Inform you about Merchant Products, competitions and special offers through WAZUPA Services;
  • Compile non-personal statistical information about browsing habits, click-patterns and access to WAZUPA Services;
  • Verify your identity when transacting with THE COMPANY;
  • Provide, maintain, and improve WAZUPA Services, including, for example, to facilitate payments, send receipts, provide further Merchant Products you request (and send related information), develop new features, provide customer support to Users, authenticate users, and send Merchant Product updates and administrative messages;
  • Perform internal operations, including, for example, to prevent fraud and abuse of WAZUPA Services; to troubleshoot software bugs and operational problems; to conduct data analysis, testing, and research; and to monitor and analyze usage and activity trends;
  • Send or facilitate communications between you and the Merchant, such as estimated times of delivery, specifications and/or limitations of the Merchant’s Products;
  • Send certain personal information (i.e. your full name, delivery address and contact number) will be disclosed to the Merchant to enable the Merchant to contact you in regards to fulfilling your order correctly and efficiently and/or to facilitate delivery of Merchant Products purchased by you.
  • Send you communications THE COMPANY thinks will be of interest to you, including information about Merchant Products, promotions, news, and events of THE COMPANY and other companies, where permissible and according to applicable laws; and to process contest, sweepstake, or other promotion entries and fulfill any related awards; Personalize and improve WAZUPA Services, including to provide or recommend features, content, social connections, referrals, and/or advertisements.
  • THE COMPANY may transfer the information described in this Policy to, and process and store it in any country, some countries of which may have less protective data protection laws than the region in which you reside. Where this is the case, THE COMPANY will take reasonably appropriate measures to protect your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

Sharing of Information

THE COMPANY may share the information THE COMPANY collect about you as described in this Policy or as described at the time of collection or sharing, including as follows: 

Through Our Services

THE COMPANY may share your information:

  • With Merchants to enable them to provide Merchant Products to you. For example, THE COMPANY shares your name, address, photo (if you provide one) and contact details with the Merchant;
  • With the general public if you submit content in a public forum, such as blog comments, social media posts, or other features of WAZUPA Services that are viewable by the general public;
  • With third parties with whom you choose to let us share information, for example other websites or websites that integrate with THE COMPANY’S API or WAZUPA Services, or those with an API or service with which THE COMPANY integrate; and

Other Important Sharing information

 THE COMPANY may share your information:

  • With THE COMPANY’s subsidiaries and affiliated entities that provide services or conduct data processing, marketing and/or payments on our behalf, or for data centralization and / or logistics purposes;
  • With vendors, consultants, marketing partners, agents and other service providers who need access to such information to carry out work on THE COMPANY’s behalf;
  • In response to a request for information by a competent authority if THE COMPANY believes its’ disclosure is in accordance with, or is otherwise required by, any applicable law, regulation, or legal process;
  • With law enforcement officials, government authorities, or other third parties if THE COMPANY believes its’ actions are inconsistent with our User agreement or to protect the rights, property, or safety THE COMPANY or others;
  • In connection with, or during negotiations of, any merger, sale of company assets, consolidation or restructuring, financing, or acquisition of all or a portion of our business by or into another company;
  • If THE COMPANY otherwise notifies you and you consent to the sharing;
  • In an aggregated and/or anonymized form which cannot reasonably be used to identify you;
  • To compile and use information that does not relate to any specific individual;


THE COMPANY owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by THE COMPANY;
THE COMPANY owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by THE COMPANY online.


THE COMPANY cannot be held responsible for security breaches occurring on your electronic devices (web device, personal computer or other electronic device used to use and/or browse WAZUPA Services), which may result due to the lack of adequate virus protection software or spy-ware that you may inadvertently have installed on your electronic device.

Social Sharing Features 

WAZUPA Services may integrate with social sharing features and other related tools which let you share actions you take on WAZUPA Services with other websites, sites, or media, and vice versa. Your use of such features enables the sharing of information with your friends or the public, depending on the settings you establish with the social sharing service. Please refer to the privacy policies of those social sharing services for more information about how they handle the data you provide to or share through them. 

Analytics and Advertising Services Provided by Others

THE COMPANY may allow third party providers to provide measurement and analytics services for THE COMPANY, to set out advertisements on our behalf and to track and report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies, web beacons, software development kits, and other technologies to identify your device when you visit our site and use WAZUPA Services, as well as when you visit other online sites and services. For more information about these technologies and service providers, please refer to our Cookie Policy

Your Choices


You may correct your profile information at any time by logging into your profile online or onto the website. If you wish to cancel your profile, please email us at Please note that in some cases THE COMPANY may retain certain information about you as required by law, or for legitimate business purposes to the extent permitted by law. For instance, if you have a standing credit or debt on your account, or if THE COMPANY believes you have committed fraud or violated our Terms and Conditions and/or Terms, THE COMPANY may seek to resolve the issue before deleting your information. 

Access Rights

THE COMPANY will reasonably endevour to comply with your requests regarding access, correction, and/or deletion of your personal information in accordance with applicable law. 


THE COMPANY requests permission for our websites’ collection of precise location from your device per the permission system used by your web operating system. You will have to enable this each time you place an order utilising WAZUPA Services.


THE COMPANY may also seek permission for WAZUPA Services collection and syncing of certain contact information from your device per the permission system used by your web operating system. If you initially permit the collection of this information, website users can later disable it by changing the contacts settings on their web device. The Web platform does not provide such a setting. 

Cookies and advertising

Please refer to our Cookie Policy, set out hereunder for more information about your choices around cookies and related technologies. 

Changes to the Policy

THE COMPANY may amend this Policy from time to time. Your continued use of WAZUPA Services after such notice constitutes your consent to the changes. THE COMPANY encourages you to periodically review the Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at


THE COMPANY and our affiliates, subsidiaries, third parties, shareholders and other partners use cookies and other identification technologies on our websites, web websites, electronic communications, advertisements, and other online services (collectively, the "WAZUPA Services") for a number of purposes, including: authenticating users, remembering user preferences and settings, determining the popularity of content, delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analysing site traffic and trends, and generally understanding the online behaviours and interests of people who interact with WAZUPA Services. You can read more here about the types of cookies THE COMPANY use, why THE COMPANY use them, and how you can exercise your choices. 

Cookies Overview

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by other websites, websites, online media, and advertisements. There are different types of cookies. Cookies served by the entity that operates the domain you are visiting are called “first party cookies.” So cookies served by THE COMPANY while you are on are first party cookies. Cookies served by companies that are not operating the domain you’re visiting are called “third party cookies.” So, THE COMPANY may allow Google to set a cookie on your browser while you visit, and that would be a third party cookie. Cookies may also endure for different periods of time. “Session Cookies” only last only as long as your browser is open. These are deleted automatically once you close your browser. Other cookies are “persistent cookies” meaning that they survive after your browser is closed. For example, they may recognize your device when you re-open your browser and browse the internet again. 

Other Identification Technologies

THE COMPANY call this a Cookie Statement, but the statement addresses cookies and other identification technologies THE COMPANY may use or permit on WAZUPA Services. “Pixel tags” (also called beacons or pixels) are small blocks of code installed on (or called by) a webpage, application, or advertisement which can retrieve certain information about your device and browser, including for example: device type, operating system, browser type and version, website visited, time of visit, referring website, IP address, and other similar information, including the small text file (the cookie) that uniquely identifies the device. Pixels provide the means by which third parties can set and read browser cookies from a domain that they do not themselves operate and collect information about visitors to that domain, typically with the permission of the domain owner. “Local storage” refers generally to other places on a browser or device where information can be stored by websites, advertisements, or third parties (such as HTML5 local storage and browser cache). “Software Development Kits” (also called SDKs) function like pixels and cookies, but operate in the web application context where pixels and cookies cannot always function. The primary application developer can install pieces of code the SDK) from partners in the application, and thereby allow the partner to collect certain information about user interaction with the application and information about the user device and network information. 

Your Choices

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. However, they are an important part of how WAZUPA Services work, so you should be aware that if you choose to refuse or remove cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of WAZUPA Services. 
Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove or reject browser cookies. To do so, please follow the instructions provided by your browser which are usually located within the "Help" or “Preferences” menu. Some third parties also provide the ability to refuse their cookies directly by clicking on an opt-out link, and THE COMPANY have indicated where this is possible in the table above. 
Removing or rejecting browser cookies does not necessarily affect third-party flash cookies which may be used by us or our partners in connection with WAZUPA Services. 

Types and Purposes of Cookies

The following table sets out the different categories of cookies that WAZUPA Services use and why THE COMPANY use them. The lists of third party cookie providers are intended merely as illustrative not comprehensive.

Type of Cookie


Who Serves (for example)

Authentication Cookies

These cookies (including local storage and similar technologies) tell us when you’re logged in, so THE COMPANY can show you the appropriate experience and features such as your profile and ordering history.

  • WAZUPA Services

Security and site integrity cookies

THE COMPANY use these cookies to support or enable security features to help keep WAZUPA Services and THE COMPANY Services safe and secure. For example, they enable us to remember when you are logged into a secure area and help protect your profile from being accessed by anyone other than you.

  • WAZUPA Services


These help WAZUPA provide a localized experience. For example, THE COMPANY may store information in a cookie that is placed on your browser or device so you will see the site in your preferred language.

  • WAZUPA Services

Site features and Services

These provide functionality that assists us to deliver WAZUPA Services. For example, cookies help you log in by pre-filling fields. THE COMPANY may also use cookies and similar technologies to help us provide you and others with social plugins and other customized content and experiences, such as making suggestions to you and others.

  • WAZUPA Services
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google

Analytics and research

These are used to understand, improve, and researching Merchant Products, including when you access WAZUPA Services from a computer or web device. 
For example, THE COMPANY may use cookies to understand how you are using WAZUPA Services, and segmenting audiences for future testing. THE COMPANY may use these technologies and the information THE COMPANY receive to improve and understand how you use WAZUPA Services.

  • Google
  • MixPanel
  • Optimizely


Things like cookies and pixels are used to deliver relevant advertisements, track advertisement campaign performance and efficiency. For example, THE COMPANY may rely on information gleaned through these cookies to serve you advertisements that may be interesting to you on other websites. Similarly THE COMPANY may use a cookie, attribution service or another similar technology to determine whether THE COMPANY’s served an ad and how it performed or provide us with information about how you interact with the advertisement. 

Web Permissions
When you use WAZUPA Services on your web device, you'll see contextual dialogs asking you to approve certain permissions that the application requests. Allowing these permissions will ensure you have the best possible experience of WAZUPA Services. (If you're an Web user, please see our Web Permissions, set out below.) 
To make sure you understand what features THE COMPANY access and what data THE COMPANY collect through these WEB permissions, THE COMPANY's provided a more detailed breakdown and discussion of the permissions below. You can edit your permissions anytime by going into the Settings application on your device.



  • Location Services

You'll see this dialog during the order process. If you opt in, the application will send precise location data to WAZUPA Services. THE COMPANY use that data to personalize your experience; to facilitate delivery charges; to determine what and which Merchant Products are relevant to you; to use for analytics purposes at an aggregated level; and to customize and improve the location-based services WAZUPA Services provide. It looks like this:

Alternatively, you can rather to manually enter your search address to see which Merchants are available in your suburb, city, state, country and press Go thereafter.

You will also fill in Home Address and an Alternate Address for delivery.  However you can amend address at the end of your order should you need this delivery address to be amended.
merchant - change timeline photo / CHANGE PROFILE PHOTO
You'll see this dialog when you attempt to add or amend an existing timeline photo or profile photo.  (Select “Camera” and/or “Your Gallery)
It looks like this:

  • merchant - Create menu picture

You'll see this dialog when you add or amend your Menu item. (Select “WAZUPA Gallery”, “Camera” and/or “Your Gallery”).
 It looks like this:

  • Questions?

If you have any questions, you can write us at

Web Application

When you install the application on your Web phone as a User, you're shown a list of permissions that the application requests. The descriptions of these permissions are worded the same for every application currently, there's no way for THE COMPANY to customize them. So, to make sure you understand what features THE COMPANY access and what data THE COMPANY actually collects, THE COMPANY's provided a more detailed breakdown and discussion of the permissions below. 


These permissions allow THE COMPANY to prepopulate information that you have provided on Sign Up, which information includes but is not limited to the following, your email address, first name, last name and phone number from your profile during registration. 


THE COMPANY use this permission to display an address book in the application that you can use for delivery and inviting friends to join the application. If you choose to share with your contacts and/or friends, WAZUPA Services will afford you the opportunity to invite friends.  


The application does not store your location to persistent memory on the device, but does collect and send approximate and precise location data to THE COMPANY servers to personalize your experience; to determine what WAZUPA Services, delivery experience, promotions, and surveys are relevant to you; to use for analytics purposes at an aggregated level; and to customize and improve the location-based services THE COMPANY provide. 


You will through WAZUPA Services, be allowed to as a Merchant access WAZUPA Gallery to obtain pictures for your Merchant Products, alternatively utilise Your Gallery for these pictures. 


You can utilise your Camera to take pictures of your Merchant Products.
Device ID & Call Information

This permission is used in conjunction with your own contact information to prepopulate your web number and country during registration. You can edit these fields, and the updated information is sent to THE COMPANY once your account is created. This permission is also used to obtain your Web device ID, which is sent to THE COMPANY servers and used in fraud prevention efforts. 

This permission is used by THE COMPANY to notify you when a network connection is unavailable. 


If you have any questions, you can write us at