Making a Purchase


  1. Click on the Home Chef, choose the items on the Menu that you want to order and add the item/s to your cart.
  2. Checkout
  3. This process alerts the Home chef that you want to make a purchase, the Home Chef will now receive your order and if the Home Chef is able to fulfil the Home Chef will either accept or reject your order.
    • If the order is for next day delivery or onwards the Home Chef has 1 hour to confirm the order
    • If the order is for same day delivery the Home Chef has 15 minutes to confirm the order
  4. Once the Home Chef has accepted your order you will be alerted and you can now proceed to make payment of the order.
  5. For your first payment you will have to load your credit card details once, and tick ((√) Do you want to save your card for the next transaction), thereafter your credit card details will be safely stored for you to utilise again and again. You can further use a new card at any time should you wish. Our payments on the Website are 3D Secure.
  6. After you have received your order (when your order has been delivered or collected by you) the Home Chef will request a PIN Number from you, this is for us to make sure the order has been received. You can find this PIN Number in the My Orders section on your dashboard.
  7. Before you order again onWazupa, you will be asked to rate your previous order with a star rating and a comment. Your rating will help the next hungry Grazer to make an informed decision.