Taking an Order and Delivery/Collection


  1. When a Grazer places an order, you the Home Chef will receive a pop up and an e-mail alerting you to this order.
  2. If you are able to fulfill the order you Accept it and if not you can Reject the order.
  3. Your acceptance will be relayed to the Grazer who will then be asked to make payment. Once payment is made by the Grazer you will be alerted, as ACCEPTED status will change to PAID status, ONLY then must you start preparing the Menu Item.
  4. You can utilise the Inbox to message the Grazer from within the app if you need to discuss anything related to the order.  NB – When you need to discuss delivery/collection times.
  5. Delivery/Collection is up to you. When doing delivery keep in mind Wazupa has pre-loaded Delivery fees costed into the app. These Delivery fees are in -line with third party delivery services such as Uber. Such third parties can be utilised to do Deliveries on your behalf. You will however have to utilise a third party delivery service or deliver yourself.
  6. After Delivery/Collection you must get the PIN Number from your Grazer this is for us to make sure the order has been received by the Grazer. You must enter this PIN Number in the My Orders section on your dashboard. This completes the transaction and Wazupa can then make payment to you as per our agreed terms.