Signing and Setting Yourself Up as a Home Chef


  1. Once you have signed up on Wazupa you will need to be approved by the Wazupa team before you can start transacting on Wazupa.
  2. Creating your profile is a very important part of marketing yourself, your choice of picture and timeline picture can make a huge difference for potential Grazers, so we suggest you use a picture of yourself and a timeline picture of one of your dishes or a display of a few of your Menu Items.
  3. You must select whether you Deliver, you want Grazers to Collect or if you Don’t mind.
  4. Your one line description is important as this will entice Grazers to purchase your Menu Item.
  5. In About Me you are able to mark yourself as Available or Not Available by just tapping. If you are away or just taking a break, we suggest that you list yourself as Not Available this way you will not show up when Grazers do a search.
  6. Remember you can make changes to your Profile as often as you like.